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IDRTG stands for Indie Developers Re-Tweet Group. It was established in February 2011 by @innovatty to give indie developers more exposure on twitter for the purpose of promoting their apps. It is one of the most effective free marketing techniques available on Twitter. IDRTG is now the largest retweet group for indie developers, and new members are joining every day. IDRTG is a community where developers retweet and support each other. A single tweet by a member with few followers can be retweeted multiple times to reach thousands. This website is a platform to simplify, enhance and track all members activities.

Benefits of joining the IDRTG group:

- Get retweeted by hundreds of indie developers within minutes. See the group activities.

- Get retweeted by indie developers who have tons of followers. See most-followed members to the right.

- Get connected to lots of awesome indie developers. See the list of members.

- Get new followers every week. This group promotes its members.

- Increase your KLOUT scores as you get more retweets and followers.

- Track group activities (Number of retweets, most active members, most-followed members, etc.).

- Tweets by IDRTG members are ranked higher in Twitter top searches leading to more impressions.

- The more active you are, the more retweets and exposure you get.

- The group platform is an easy way for tweeting and retweeting.

- Learn how other developers promote their apps.

- Learn how to harvest the power of Twitter.

- And more ...

By joining this group, you agree to comply with each of the following terms:

- The most important rule is to be passionate about helping others.

- You should be an app developer or reviewer. Your Twitter bio and tweets should be consistent with that.

- You should comply with Twitter rules and good practices.

- Your tweets should be searchable to show up in this website. If not, submit a ticket to twitter support.

- You should retweet other members' tweets using the "retweet" button on the IDRTG website.

- You should have at least 50 Twitter followers. You can quickly get many followers using

- You're expected to RT most tweets by other members, but not all.

- You're expected to RT members whenever you have time. No specific time is required.

- Your retweet request should include the group tag #IDRTG e.g. PLZ RT - "Your Tweet" #IDRTG.

- You should use the group tag #IDRTG only for promoting apps or related services.

- You should avoid excessive retweet requests (1-3 retweet requests per day is reasonable).

- You should avoid excessive retweets (1 reweet per minute is reasonable).

- You should familiarize yourself with the group points system. Click here for more information.

- You are encouraged, but not required, to follow other group members.

- You should respect all group members. Offending any member is not tolerated.

- Your membership may be suspended if you violate any of the terms at any time.

- Your membership may be suspended if many members complain about your behavior.

- Terms may change from time to time. You'll be informed about major changes upon your next login.