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Indie Developers Re-Tweet Group (IDRTG) is using points system to reward positive activities.

Members earn points by retweeting each other. Tweets made by members with higher points get promoted.

In other words, members with the highest points receive the most retweets.

Q1: What are the factors that affect points calculation?

Here are the factors that affect how many points a member has:

1- Number of times a member retweet other members. [ + Increases Points ]

2- Number of followers that a member has. [ + Increases Points ]

3- Number of retweets a member receives from other members. [ - Decreases Points ]

4- Number of retweet requests a member makes! [ - Decreases Points ]

5- New members earn 500 points when they join the group.

6- Points earned in a day expire after 3 days. Points are redeemed by requesting retweets.

Q2: Can you give an example of how points are calculated?

Here is an example that shows how points are calculated.

Member A (Who has 5,000 followers) retweets member B (Who has 300 points)

- Member A receives 10% of the total points that member B has = 10% x 300 = 30 Points

- Member A also receives bonus points based on the number of followers he/she has = 1% x 5000 = 50 Points

- Total points received by member A = 10% x 300 + 1% x 5000 = 80 Points

- Member B loses 10% of of his/her total points, which go to the Member A = 10% x 300 = 30 Points

- Member B also loses 10% of his/her the total points, which go to the system = 10% x 300 = 30 Points

- Total points deducted from member B = 10% x 300 + 10% x 300 = 60 Points

Q3: How many points does a member lose when requesting retweets?

None. This is a recent change.

Q4: Do points expire?

No. This is a recent change.

Q5: Why do members receive bonus points based on the number of followers?

Members with higher number of followers make more impressions per retweets. They are more effective.

They should be rewarded more points for that. This encourages members to grow their network.

This also encourages developers with higher number of followers to join the group. "Win Win"

Q6: Can I control the number of points I give other members who retweet me?

The number of points you give members who retweet you is a fixed percentage of your total number of points.

This is a simple because it minimizes the effort of always changing points to keep your tweets at the top.

It's effective because as soon as you have high number of points, your tweets automatically get promoted.

You just need to do what you do best "Retweet Other Members!" and let the system do its magic.

Q7: Are there other factors that will be taken into account for points calculation?

In the future, the time between retweets will be added as a factor.

This will be necessary to avoid spam. Multiple retweets at the same time are not useful.

For now we expect members to visit the platform every once in a while and only retweet few times.

A good time between retweets should be 30-60 seconds. Less than that is a spam behavior!

Another factor that could be added is the number of members that a member follows.

Since IDRTG is a community, it's highly recommeded that members follow each other.

Q8: Do I lose points if I get retweeted by non-members?

No. Only members receive a percentage of your points when retweeting you.

Q9: Do I have to retweet from the IDRTG website to earn points?

Yes. Now, this is the only way to earn retweet points.

In the past, members could earn points by retweeting from other Twitter clients.

However with the introduction of new features, it's required to have all retweets made from one client.

For example, there is a feature that allows a member to disable a tweet if it's out of date, it has a typo and etc ...

If a tweet is disabled, it will not show up in the IDRTG website to prevent retweets.

However, the tweet will still be visible in other clients. The member could lose points for unwanted retweets.

For this reason, we limited point calculation to retweets made from the IDRTG website.

IDRTG website will show only tweets that members want to be retweeted.

Finally, looking at the retweets made by members, over 95% of the retweets are made from the IDRTG website.